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Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

From the outset of his ministry in South Wales in 1927 Dr. Lloyd-Jones was an evangelistic preacher, as can be seen in this collection of twenty-one sermons from his ministry there. As with the early preaching of George Whitefield and Robert M'Cheyne, they show why the gospel is the most urgent, glorious and transforming of all messages. As a book specifically on the subject of conversion and the beginning of the Christian life, the Publishers believe this will be one of the most popular and valuable of all the Lloyd-Jones titles.

As you sit at the feet of great men learning how to better serve God's people, always remember that what you learn you don't own; you are merely borrowing it for a time to use for the advancement and uplifting of the Kingdom of Heaven. You can learn the how to's from lloyd'Jones, but the application has to come from the sweat and perserverance of your own brow as you till the fields, ripe for harvest. Be thankful you found this book. Learn from it.