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Books of the BibleSo what's supposed to happen if we read the Bible every day? What can we really expect?

Everything will change—but it may not be the way that you'd think. Change will happen from the inside out, not the outside in. If you're looking for a genie in a bottle, you will be disappointed. The Bible isn't a magic book of ancient wisdom; it's a book about life and about God's love for you.

The canon of Scripture refers to the list of books that are officially accepted as "divinely inspired" and thus rightfully belonging in the Bible.  The process of determining the biblical canon was begun by Jewish scholars and rabbis and later finalized by the early Christian church toward the end of the fourth century.  More than 40 authors in three languages during a period of 1,500 years contributed to the books and letters which make up the biblical canon of Scripture.

John (71)

Romans (97)