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  • Steven J. Cole Sermons
    for joyful believers
  • Christ Centered
    saved by grace through faith
  • At your crossroad?
    learn from Him and take the narrow path
  • Through Christ's Blood
    the chasm has been spanned for us to cross
  • Life's Journey Begins and Ends
    He was there at your beginning, where will you be at the end?
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When men talk of a little hell, it is because they think they have only a little sin, and believe in a little Savior; it is all little together. But when you get a great sense of sin, you want a great Savior, and feel that, if you do not have him, you will fall into a great destruction, and suffer a great punishment at the hands of the great God.

Charles H. Spurgeon, “Joy Hindering Faith,” (Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, vol. 38 [Ages Software]).
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This site contains the library of sermons developed by Pastor Cole since 1992.

"Preaching the Word and hearing the Word are essential for God’s people. I come to you intending to preach God’s Word as my primary task.  I ask you to hear the preaching of God’s Word with a view to obedience. Judge me by whether what I say is from the text of Scripture. It is our only standard. I come to preach the Word. I ask you to hear the Word.

Steven J. Cole
(May 31, 1992 his first sermon at Flagstaff Christian Fellowship)

Even though some sermons are over 10 years old, they will give you insight into today's corrupt world and give you encouragement, conviction, guidance and understanding - they are timeless.

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